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The curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of 10-12 years old students and is delivered in the form of experiential, educational activities and discussions, with the teacher as a guide and role model for students.

On My Mind is the result of intensive cooperation between foreign and Czech experts and stakeholders. The curriculum and teacher training was designed by combining principles and practices which have been found effective, or are recommended by experts for the development of programs aiming to promote mental health and well-being in schools. 


Mental health literacy provides the necessary foundation for mental health promotion, prevention and care and has been shown to decrease stigma and facilitate help-seeking behaviours and early identification of mental health problems. There is robust evidence showing that social and emotional learning is foundational to well-being, leading to improved attitudes about self, others, and school, increased prosocial behaviours, improved academic performance, and serves as a protective factor against mental health problems. The On My Mind curriculum was developed, piloted, and revised over 2+ years of formative research working towards feasibility, acceptability, and sustainability of the program.


On My Mind was developed by the Child and Adolescent Mental Health working group, department of public mental health at the National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic. A group of stakeholders including individuals from governmental sectors, principals and teachers, faculty from schools and the education sector, mental health experts, and youth were consulted in the development of On My Mind. Stakeholders were involved in drafting project aims and objectives, strategic planning, implementation, piloting of the teacher training and lesson plans, and refining of the program. The curriculum and teacher training has been developed in cooperation with experts in child and adolescent mental health and further revised according to stakeholder feedback and suggestions provided by piloting teachers. 


Positive mental health literacy is a core component of  the lessons, which goes beyond teaching students about mental illness and stressors and empowers students towards developing and maintaining mental well-being. On My Mind was developed and intends to support young people in developing their full potential, building resilience, and focusing on strengths and potential, and facing and overcoming challenges and stressors. The program curriculum, teacher training, and manual focus on building skills in both teachers and students which promote good mental health and well-being


This program was developed to be integrated in diverse cultural, structural, and school contexts. It is best to implement the curriculum within existing frameworks, to ensure all 20 Lesson Plans are able to be implemented over the course of  a school year. On My Mind encourages and supports schools and teachers towards ensuring successful implementation by providing context specific instructions and resources to inform the curriculum within the appropriate educational framework.

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15 year-old girls and 13% of 15 year-old boys reported “feeling low” more than once a week
1 in 5 children aged 13-18 have, or will have a serious mental illness
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of mental health problems are established by age 14 and 75% by age 24