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Team members

PhDr. Petr Winkler, PhD.

Project guarantor

Anna Kagstrom, MSc.

Project coordinator, Master trainer

Mgr. Laura Juríková

Curriculum developer, Teacher & Master trainer

Mgr. Magdalena Lukasová

Teacher training specialist, Teacher trainer

Mgr. Ondřej Pešout, PhD.

Research coordinator

MUDr. Matěj Kučera


Hana Tomášková, MSc.


Filip Menšl

Graphic designer


Collaborating institutes

Baltic to Black Sea Alliance Georgia is an actor working in the field of media and human rights, media and health literacy. BBSA- Georgia’s movement “Open” empowers citizens to turn away from passively consuming to actively shaping public policy on mental health. During the past three years it has created a safe and engaging public forum about mental health in Georgia, by supporting innovative projects in the field of mental health and empowering a stigma-free environment.


Tina Tsomaia M.D., PhD.


Simon Surguladze, PhD., DSc.

Project Lead

On My Mind is a product of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health working group in the Department of Public Mental Health, National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic. 

Department of Public Mental Health
National Institute of Mental Health
Topolová 748
250 67 Klecany
Czech Republic (English correspondence) (Czech correspondence)

This project was prepared in cooperation with the RSJ Czech Republic Foundation.